Founded by Fabbio Nunes (guit.), still today the only original member, the band had the goal of writing its own music, in a very heavy and elaborated way, influenced by the giants of heavy, thrash and progressive metal around the world. With members coming from different musical and personal backgrounds, LOST FOREVER started to build its musical identity through a very original way. Trying to escape from usual clichés and popular trends, LOST FOREVER dived into a more complex and musically rich line of arrangements. With the addition of keyboards to complement the band’s raw and “riffy” heavy metal, it became much more melodic without losing punch and heaviness.

In the ides of 1998 the band released their first EP, “The shadow by your side”, a self-produced demo tape with a very restrict circulation in Rio de Janeiro and now a very hard-to-find collector’s item. After many concerts in Rio de Janeiro’s underground scene and some line-up changes, the band got into the studio and recorded its demo-CD “Lost Forever” in late 1999. This record received a very high quotation in several Brazilian metal magazines and featured the first version of one of the fans favorite song: “The lies behind the mirror”. Indeed, this growth came along with new songs and many concerts. After plenty of hard work, LOST FOREVER put it’s best together and released its debut album, a nine song CD called “The end of beginning”, now featuring a newer and definitive version of their fans favourite song. This album also includes some material, such as the agressive “Mater et Magistra”, the progressive piece “Spirits from the iced garden” and the 12 minutes epic “Above the sins”, that really defines a path for the band’s musical identity. The title of this album carries a straight reference to the band’s past but also to its future: the next step in the band’s career, already in focus. It was released in 2004 by one of São Paulo’s biggest metal labels, Hellion Records. The release achieved a very high status in the metal media both national and internationally.

After several concerts, a live performance for a television show and another line-up change, LOST FOREVER was ready to step up to the next level and record its second full lenght CD. This time the band worked with Sidney Sohn, who signed the production of the album. Known for his works with great Brazilian bands such as Heavenfalls, Andralls and Nordheim, Sohn has helped the band to achieve a whole new level of musicallity on the new songs, knowing exactly how to use the band's creativity and yet keeping its personality. This will be heard in “RISING”, the new LOST FOREVER album, which was released on April 2011.