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Website of the Brazilian heavy metal band Lost Forever, here you can access and know the channels of the band on the Internet and stay on top of News

Enjoy it and stay tuned!


    May 30th, 2019 Album news
    Our new album has a name and artwork. UNBREAKABLE is currently in the mixing stage. Don't forget to check the album's beautiful cover artwork and follow us at our official Instagram, YouTube and Streaming (Deezer, Spotify, iTunes so on) channels. Feel free to check out and let us know what you think about our music. Stay tuned!

  • Recording diary

    Nov 14th, 2017 New album
    LOST FOREVER has released a recording diary of their third album on the YOUTUBE channel. Check out →

  • Heaven is not too far Blog

    Sep 15th, 2012 Interview (Portuguese)
    On the interview, the members talk a bit about the direction and evolution of the band, curious situations they have being through and things to come... read more →

  • Rio Metal Blog

    Aug 16th, 2011 Interview (Portuguese)
    Lost Forever is a Metal band already known in the scene of Rio de Janeiro. Formed in 1997, the band released their second album, named RISING... read more →


Recently, one or the other good band has come from Brazil. Beyond the tribal heroes of SEPULTURA and SOULFLY, specialy Angra rocked the international power metal scene. Now LOST FOREVER aims the same... read →

Metal Clube – RISING

Lost Forever comes from 1997, the year of its foundation, seeking to consecrate among the big names of the national Prog Metal...read →

Whiplash – RISING

LOST FOREVER succeded in mixing of weight, elegance, work and aggressiveness in its second CD ...read →

Latest Review


It is well known that the guys at Sugarloaf kick better than play. This fact neither SEPULTURA, SOULFLY or ANGRA could change. With LOST FOREVER another band of Rio tries to establish itself in the metal cosmos ... read more →

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