1. Perfect Machine
  2. Sheltering Darkness
  3. Aletheia
  4. Rising
  5. NeXuS
  6. With Your Own Eyes
  7. Absence & Fear
  8. Brewing My Hate
  9. One Letter For Vengeance

Album details

LABEL : Independent
DATE : April 30 2011


Produced by Sidney Sohn and Lost Forever, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Casa do Mato and Locomotive Studio - RJ - Brazil. Album art made by Fabbio Nunes and photos by Michelle Dantas.

The album began to be planned in 2006 and the songwriting process was thought to give a more professional and more mature work. The band realized it was time to work with a producer and came to the name of Sidney Sohn Jr., who had worked with several bands in the Brazilian heavy metal scene, whose results were excellent with regard to quality and professionalism. With planning and production already in line, the compositions of songs have been finalized.

The process of composition and arrangement with Sohn’s supervision was a different experience for the band, as on their first album and EP, the LOST FOREVER undertook to produce it with the help of a sound engineer. After all, the band has adapted well to the process and began to get promising results during the preproduction.

Among the compositions of their second album, the band went through some difficulties that delayed the process, as lineup changes. This led to various rearrangements, including rewriting some songs and riffs by copyright bill. But the structure of the songs and consequently the album, were stable and have already been forwarded. The intention was kept, but the personality of the work and the band changed in a way that, during the recordings, members and the producer Sidney Sohn came to the conclusion to rename the album as RISING instead of Nexus.

Launched in April 2011, RISING had a release show with packed house, and its acceptance by the fans was excellent, showing that the choices and decisions made by the band had positive effects for its career.


The End Of Beginning
Lost Forever
The Shadow By Your Side