1. Mater Et Magistra
  2. Among The Crowd
  3. The Lies Behind The Mirror
  4. Spirits From The Iced Garden
  5. End Of Century
  6. Damned Train
  7. A Season In Betwwen
  8. Above The Sins - Part I- Dying Dreams
  9. Above The Sins - Part II- The Remains Of Myself

Album details

LABEL : Hellion Records
DATE : January 10 2004


Produced by Lost Forever, recorded by Mauricio Meloni and Leo Pagani, mixed and mastered by Mauricio Meloni in Fast Foward studios - RJ - Brazil. Album art made by Marcelo H.V.C. and photos by Cicero Rodrigues.

With an EP released in 2000 and after several live performances, the band has had a great acceptance in Rio’s underground scene. The year was 2002 and LOST FOREVER needed to lift larger flights, but unfortunately it has been jeopardized by the lack of an effective keyboard player, since dependent on band friends to perform, such as: Yahn Wagner (Mind The Gap!) and Daniel Melo (Dead Nature). They helped the band to continue playing live and keep alive on stage.

After some discussion, the group came to the conclusion that the band had to go into the studio to record a full-length album, as some compositions were already finished and just one or two more songs had to be composed to close the tracklist. Daniel Melo (Dead Nature) was invited to record the keyboards, who promptly agreed, and thus the rehearsals and final compositions began.

In 2003, the recordings in Fast Forward Studios at Ilha do Governador – RJ began. The band produced the album with the help of Mauricio Meloni and Leo Pagani as responsible sound engineers, who gave all necessary support to carry out the work. The name of the album, The End Of The Beginning, was conceived during the recordings and maintained, and in the middle of the mixing process and album previews, the band sent a demo work to Hellion Records. This record company and distributor of São Paulo showed interest in the album, so that it was released in early 2004 by same.

The album had an amazing acceptance both by fans and by the specialized media, so that LOST FOREVER was among the revelations of that year and became popular in Brazil and abroad.


Lost Forever
The Shadow By Your Side